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A Day in the Life of an MJMC Student in Delhi Explained by Nalin Singh

The life of an MJMC student in Delhi can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding, all at the same time. In this article, we will explore a typical day in the life of an MJMC student in Delhi.


MJMC students in Delhi typically wake up early in the morning and start their day with some exercise or yoga to stay fit and energized. They then have breakfast and get ready for their classes.


MJMC colleges in Delhi typically have a schedule of classes, workshops, and seminars throughout the day. MJMC students attend classes on a variety of subjects, including journalism, mass communication, media studies, advertising, public relations, and digital media, among others.

Workshops and Seminars

MJMC colleges in Delhi also organize workshops and seminars to provide students with practical knowledge and skills. These workshops and seminars are conducted by experts in the field and cover a range of topics, such as writing, reporting, editing, design, photography, and social media management, among others.

Lunch Break

MJMC students in Delhi usually have a lunch break of one or two hours, during which they can relax, socialize, or catch up on assignments. Some students also use this time to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, or drama.

Internships and Projects

MJMC students in Delhi are required to complete internships and projects as part of their course curriculum. These internships and projects provide students with practical experience and exposure to the real world of media and communication. MJMC students in Delhi typically work on a range of projects, such as news reports, feature stories, advertising campaigns, public relations strategies, and social media campaigns, among others.


MJMC students in Delhi usually finish their classes and internships by the evening and return home. They may spend some time studying or working on assignments, or they may engage in leisure activities, such as watching movies, reading books, or spending time with friends and family.


In conclusion, the life of an MJMC student in Delhi is a busy and engaging one, with classes, workshops, seminars, internships, and projects filling up their day. Pursuing an bjmc course in delhi can provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers and make a positive impact on the media and communication industries.

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